February 2023 Netherlands – Amsterdam: two weekends intensive course on Dutch slavery

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The Vereniging Ons Suriname (VOS) organizes an intensive course on the history of Dutch slavery. VOS is currently busy furnishing the Suriname Museum in Amsterdam. The Museum is an instrument of education about the history of Suriname. The history of slavery occupies an important place in this. In the year of the 160th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, this education is of great importance. Sandew Hira is the lecturer.

The course is in Dutch.


The course will address the following questions:

  • There are different currents in the historiography of Dutch slavery. What are those currents? What is their theoretical basis? What questions do they ask in their investigations. What questions do they not ask and why not? Which international schools do these movements belong to?
  • How did the enslavement of the Africans differ from that of the Indigenous people?
  • In what phases did slavery in Suriname and the Antilles develop? What was slavery like in Indonesia?
  • How does Dutch slavery differ from slavery in the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese colonies?
  • What were the economic, social, political, cultural and geographic dimensions of slavery?
  • What role did Dutch slavery play in the rise of the world economy and of the Dutch economy in particular?
  • Why did slavery arise and why was it abolished?
  • What forms of resistance existed during slavery and what can we learn from it today?
  • What is the relationship between slavery and Asian indentured labour?
  • How has the international discussion on reparations been so far?
  • How will we deal with the history of slavery in the Netherlands in the coming years.


The cost of the course is € 240 for four days (eight half-days). That excludes drinks and lunch. That is € 30 per half day. You can transfer the amount of 240 euros per person to the account of Vereniging Ons Suriname, IBAN: NL09 INGB 0006 3911 88, BIC: INGBNL2A.

Maximum number of places

The course is intensive. The maximum size of the course group is 20 people.


Click here for the course registration form.