About the videos


The purpose of the videos by Sandew Hira on Decolonizing The Mind (DTM) is to explain and develop the theoretical framework of DTM and to apply it to understand the world from a decolonial point of view. The videos are based on his book Decolonizing The Mind – A Guide to Decolonial Theory and Practice. You can download the table of content here and the introductory chapter here. You can buy the book or watch the videos for free.


The videos come with a PowerPoint. Click on the link in the post on the video to download the PDF of the PowerPoint.

The videos are produced by Amrit Publishers, a small publishing house run by Sandew Hira and Sitla Bonoo.


The videos are produced under themes that do not totally correspond with the chapters of the book. Some theme are related to specific chapters. Some are dealing with themes that have been dealt with in the book in different paragraphs.

Here is the list of themes.

Theme nr. Title Description
01 World affairs A decolonial analysis of current world affairs
02 What is decolonial theory? The background, nature, strength and weaknesses of decolonial theory and practice
03 Mechanisms of (de)colonizing the mind Analysis of the mechanisms of colonizing and decolonizing the mind
04 The European Enlightenment An in-depth analysis of the European Enlightenment as the basis of the current colonial world civilization
05 Philosophy How to understand the core of Western philosophy and alternatives from the global south
06 Mathematics and hard sciences What is the meaning of decolonizing mathematics and the hard sciences?
07 Biology, ecology and earth science How do we look at the relationship between humans, animals and nature?
08 Economic theory Theories and practices about the production, distribution and financing of goods and services
09 Social theory Theories and practices about the process of the organization of social relations of human beings
10 Political theory Theories and practices about the formation, institutionalization, perpetuation and challenge of power in a society
11 Cultural theory Theories and practices about production and dissemination of knowledge
12 World history A decolonial canon of world history
13 Imagining a new world civilization How to envisage a new decolonial world civilization and how to build it
14 The Bandung Dialogues A series of dialogues with thinkers from different civilizational backgrounds


Each theme as a theme number (upper left of the opening screen of a video).

We try to produce one video per day and publish it at 12.00 CET. A video is an episode of about 15-20 minutes and focuses on one aspect of DTM. Each episode has a title, an episode number and a publication date (bottom right of the opening screen of a video).


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Multilingual subtitles/captions

We have set the videos up in such a way, that you can generate multilingual subtitles/captions. So if you want to see the video subtitles in another language (any languages supported by Google Translate), you can set it up when watching the video. It takes effect after two hours of publication. See an example of how to do that here.

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